The Contact Center Outsourcing Service of Daesung Global Network is designed to improve the corporate image
of your company on the strength of its specialized management system and professional operational training.
Make Daesung your choice as a trustworthy companion to maximize your business capabilities. We offer customized services to diverse environments.
  • Specialized manpower
    at the contact center
  • Appointment of professional
    managers to each industry group.
    Provision of specialized
    operational support teams.
    Organization composition and
    task distribution in line with the
    nature of the work
  • Operational know-how
    of the contact center
  • Early operational normalization
    of the center.
    Operation of a telephone
    quality improvement program.
    Operation of a performance
    management program.
  • IP contact center
  • Integrated operation and
    management of voice and data.
    Enabled a remote control
    function that reaches beyond
    spatial limitations.
    Provision of a multi-channel
  • Responsible project
    manager system
  • Operational support for
    clients through an account
    Appointment of a project
    Establishment of a unified
    communication channel with
Expected Effects
01. Focus of core capacities
  • Focus of care capacities through the redistribution of tasks.
  • Improvement of the operational process.
02. Enhanced productivity
  • Improvement of the corporate image through customer
    satisfaction services.
  • Enhancement of efficiency through target productivity management.
03. Improvement of servicequality
  • Strengthening of the customer response capabilities
  • Improvement of competitiveness through constant quality
    management efforts.
  • Guarantee of high service quality
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